Our client, a dedicated speech language therapist, specialized in helping children develop strong communication skills and gain confidence in expressing themselves. With a passion for supporting children’s communication needs, our client sought to establish a compelling brand identity and create an engaging website to reach and connect with parents seeking professional speech therapy services for their children.

Our client was struggling to attract new students and expand her education business. Despite her extensive knowledge and experience, her brand lacked visibility and a clear message that resonated with potential students. She needed a new branding strategy that would help her stand out in a crowded market and attract new customers.

Our client, a passionate cannabis consultant, aimed to provide free education and mentorship to disadvantaged business owners aspiring to enter the cannabis industry. With extensive experience and a desire to promote equity and inclusivity, our client sought to establish a strong brand identity and create a user-friendly website to reach and support their target audience effectively.

Our university client is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse campus community by providing comprehensive minority affairs and diversity services to students, faculty, and staff. To enhance their outreach efforts and streamline access to resources, our client sought a website management consultant that would effectively showcase their programs, initiatives, and support services while ensuring a user-friendly experience for their diverse audience.

Our corporate client, a global construction company committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), aimed to publish an annual report summarizing their CSR program’s achievements and impact. With a desire to effectively communicate their sustainability initiatives and community involvement, our client sought a graphic designer that would visually represent their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.