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Nurturing diversity and food security in South Seattle


August - October 2023


Branding, Design, Website

project scope

Our collaboration with SSCFH began with a comprehensive analysis of their mission, values, and goals. During the planning phase, we conducted surveys, interviews with key stakeholders, and developed user personas to understand the diverse needs of the local community. We assessed the competitive landscape, laying the foundation for the overall brand strategy. The brand strategy included a comprehensive assessment of SSCFH's mission, values, and target audience. A visual identity and messaging framework were created to align with these principles. We outlined a strategic plan for engaging overburdened and underserved audiences through targeted marketing efforts, such as social media campaigns and community events.


Our work with SSCFH exemplifies our ability to provide culturally appropriate and effective communications and marketing, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity in the community. The brand we developed serves as a unifying force, representing and embracing the entire community it serves.

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