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Swatch Junkie Creative is your strategic partner in driving social change.

Co-create strategic campaigns and initiatives.

What we do

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Our strategic services encompass comprehensive research, analysis, and planning to help clients define their social impact goals, identify target audiences, and develop actionable roadmaps.

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Our branding services go beyond visual aesthetics, delving deep into the essence of organizations to create authentic and compelling brand identities.

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We create user-friendly, responsive, and visually captivating websites that effectively communicate our clients’ missions and engage their target audiences.

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Our marketing services encompass digital and social media strategies, content creation, and campaign management to amplify the reach and impact of our clients’ initiatives.

Amplify your mission and maximize your impact.

who we do it for

social impact organizations

We work with visionary leaders, like you, who are dedicated to driving positive change, overseeing strategic initiatives, and ensuring the alignment of organizational goals with impactful outcomes.

public institutions

We understand you play a vital role in aligning institutional objectives with social impact. We are dedicated to helping you leverage your resources, expertise and partnerships to create meaningful and sustainable change.

social entrepreneurs

We’ve built our tribe of similarly driven and innovative leaders, committed to leveraging business practices to address social and environmental challenges, while creating sustainable and impactful ventures that drive positive change.

what we’ve been doing lately…

Collaboration for collective impact


  • The University of Washington
  • Seattle City Light
  • King County
  • WA Department of Enterprise Services
  • WA Department of Commerce
  • South Seattle Community Food Hub
  • Business Impact NW
  • Swanson Speech Therapy
  • Kent Youth & Family Services
  • …and more


  • AIGA Seattle
  • UC Berkeley, IA Civics
  • Foundation Communities
  • SEA of Love
  • Legacy Reef Foundation

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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