Mission statement

Swatch Junkie Creative helps startups and small businesses connect with their customers through human-centered design, modern technology and digital communication.

Helping startups get started.

I can establish or refine your brand materials, design and build a custom CMS-based website made to grow, and make sure your team is up and running on a solid marketing platform that can continue to evolve at exactly the right pace.



Flexible CMS-based development that can keep pace with the company’s evolution and un-block marketing and content managers.



Direct collaboration with CEOs, marketers, designers, engineers and ops teams to build something that works for everyone.

Experienced professional

Multi-disciplinary service from a responsive, reliable human that cares about the details and your deadlines.


Giving marketing control over content.

I’ve helped marketers at startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies make their websites work with and for them, helping improve the timeliness and effectiveness of their campaigns.


Technical skills

Direct collaboration with IT to remove technical barriers, whether we host in the cloud or utilize internal infrastructure.


Enterprise cat-wrangling experience with design systems and templates, training materials and internal communications.

Personalized service

Custom development for connecting disparate systems and optimizing workflows to increase productivity.


Solid advice for startups and small business.

I often help clients figure out where to start, whether it’s to evaluate goals, research options, or even recommend a company that’d be a better fit. I work across teams at large companies, handle specific tasks for agencies, and function as a full-service agency for startups and small businesses.


Diverse portfolio

Experience in construction, commercial real estate, hospitality, travel, nonprofit and professional services.


Ability to communicate fluidly across teams and departments, most often marketing, design, engineering and IT.

Servant leadership

Passion for learning and sharing, with public speaking and presentation experience and an obsession with visual language.


Let’s talk. Tell me something about your goals for your business, or ask me a question. I’ll start: I love learning about technology and my current goal is to figure out how AI & machine learning works. Weird, right? Ok, your turn…