Client Websites Mockup
Go Global 2

Washington small business goes global


November 2022 - June 2023


Design, Website

project scope

Our services included consulting, design, and technical assistance, all aimed at helping businesses incorporate e-commerce solutions into their websites. The majority of grant recipients were non-English speakers from various cultural backgrounds, each with unique communication requirements. To address this, we provided translation and localization services, making marketing materials available in multiple languages. This approach ensured that diverse audiences could access and comprehend the content effectively.


We introduced various innovative techniques to streamline the project. Innovative design templates were implemented, tailored to individual businesses, saving both time and resources. In response to the diverse needs of the program's underserved audiences, we introduced multilingual websites capable of automatically detecting the user's preferred language. This feature allowed content to be presented in the user's chosen language, thereby ensuring accessibility and engagement. In addition, our technical team integrated accessibility features into the e-commerce platforms, guaranteeing that individuals with disabilities could interact with client websites without encountering any barriers.

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