Annual Report 2
Annual Report 4

Amplifying corporate social responsibility



January - March 2020



project scope

Our team was asked to design an annual report to grab and hold attention with stunning data visualization, compelling imagery and on-brand graphics. The intent was to convey DPR’s message in a clean, sophisticated and uniquely corporate way with a modern design that they’d be proud to show off. The report layout was designed to provide a seamless reading experience, employing effective hierarchy and whitespace to enhance readability and comprehension.


The use of infographics and illustrations made complex data more accessible and engaging, facilitating a deeper understanding of the CSR program's achievements. The inclusion of high-quality imagery added a human touch, showcasing the positive impact on communities and the environment. Overall, the design enhanced the client's ability to communicate their CSR efforts to stakeholders, investors, and the wider public, strengthening their reputation as a socially responsible organization.

Project Results

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