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Branding & Web Design


The business owner identified a number of priorities in setting up their startup coaching business, including a logo and brand identity, overall site design and development, and online scheduling functionality.

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Project Deliverables

We built the brand from scratch by using a holistic design approach, starting with audience research and discovery to explore the objectives, better understand the current challenges, and fully define the business’ goals.

The visual identity was developed with mood boards and style-tiles, combining visual and verbal cues to make features stick together and personify the brand.

Site mapping, navigation, editing copy, and creating wireframe page layouts to help the client understand how the site would look and what messages would be conveyed.

Development happened in two stages, first converting to responsive HTML/CSS and then creating a custom WordPress theme.

Project Results

Thriving in business and life

– Receiving 2-6 new client inquiries per week compared to previous platforms

– Weekly client base has tripled with booking integration

– Improved SEO ranking within the first month of website support plan

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