South Seattle Community Food Hub (SSCFH), a pioneering nonprofit in sustainable agriculture, aimed to unite local farmers, food producers, and community members in a cohesive ecosystem that promotes healthy living, food security, and sustainability. However, they faced the challenge of creating a brand strategy that would effectively convey their mission, resonate with diverse community members, particularly BIPOC and Indigenous populations, and foster a sense of inclusivity.

Kent Youth & Family Services (KYFS) faced a multifaceted challenge, marked by a transition of leadership with a new Executive Director, a fragmented brand identity across various KYFS locations and programs, and the need to overcome organizational challenges. The goal was to unify a once-disjointed organization to better serve its clients and community. To achieve this, our collaborative efforts focused on understanding KYFS, its stakeholders, and the prevailing challenges.

Our partnership with Business Impact NW on the Recovery Ready Program was driven by Governor Inslee’s initiative to reinvigorate small businesses grappling with the economic aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge lay in revitalizing small businesses to adapt to the post-COVID landscape by harnessing the power of rebranding. Each business faced a unique set of obstacles, making personalized strategies crucial to their revival.

The Social Equity in Cannabis Technical Assistance Mentorship Program was established to address historical and systemic disparities within the cannabis industry. Its mission is to provide support to individuals and communities disproportionately affected by past cannabis-related convictions. The primary goal is to offer education, mentorship, and resources, fostering opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs in the cannabis sector. Management Resource LLC, a dedicated cannabis consultant, sought to align its business with the principles of this program, aiming to promote equity, inclusivity, and social responsibility within the cannabis industry. Their challenge was to create a brand strategy and implementation plan that would reflect these core values effectively.