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Empowering social equity in cannabis


February - June 2023


Branding, Design, Website

project scope

Our collaboration with Management Resource LLC revolved around developing a strong implementation plan for their participation in the Social Equity in Cannabis Technical Assistance Mentorship Program. This endeavor was significant, as it required us to ensure their business reflected the principles of the program. To meet this challenge, we meticulously crafted a brand strategy that emphasized inclusivity, equity, and professionalism. Our project focused on four key aspects: promoting equity, creating inclusivity, providing education and mentorship, and prioritizing social responsibility.


The project successfully positioned our client as a trusted and inclusive cannabis consultant dedicated to empowering disadvantaged business owners. The cohesive branding elements and intuitive website design attract a diverse audience, helping the client gain increased visibility and recognition to expand their reach and impact. Through the combination of a strong brand identity and an accessible website, our client has successfully established a platform that provides support to entrepreneurs pursuing cannabis business opportunities, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable industry landscape.

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