The Go Global Technical Assistance Grant program was created to address the need for support among small businesses in Washington State. The primary objective was to help these businesses enhance their online presence and expand their reach. This project showcases our team’s exceptional ability to provide culturally appropriate and effective communications and marketing to historically underserved and overwhelmed audiences. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles allowed us to overcome these challenges, break down barriers, and make the program’s offerings accessible to all, thereby empowering underserved communities.

The Consultant Access Program, a collaboration between the Seattle Economic Development Fund and Business Impact NW, was designed to provide small businesses in the City of Seattle with crucial business coaching and professional graphic design services. The challenge was to ensure that small businesses had access to cost-effective procurement solutions that would enhance their competitiveness in a dynamic market.

Our corporate client, a global construction company committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), aimed to publish an annual report summarizing their CSR program’s achievements and impact. With a desire to effectively communicate their sustainability initiatives and community involvement, our client sought a graphic designer that would visually represent their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.